A Beer-Guzzling Duck Walks Into a Bar

Once the duck grew up, he developed a taste for beer and started going to the pub

A lot of different people and animals and whatever else have walked into a bar one time or another in someone's cheesy joke, but what about duck?

A duck actually walked into a bar in Chulmleigh, Devon — I'm not quackin' a joke here.

The booze-guzzling bird, whose name is Star, was also wearing a bow tie when he walked into the bar, but this story doesn't necessarily have a happy ended or cheerful pun.

Apparently, there was a drunken pub brawl in 2017 with a local dog that happened to be visiting the bar as well.

Star was enjoying a pint in The Old Courthouse Inn with his caretaker, Barrie Hayman, when Hayman's canine Meggie sparked the bar brawl. So, the guy's own dog is the one who got involved.

Although it was Star's fault the rumble ever started, and the poor bird was left with injuries to his beak after the fight. Perhaps, the duck had one too many pints.

"He gave her a stare, then promptly stood on her back. It was not pretty and not nice. We were so scared we would lose Star," Barrie Hayman told the Cheddar Valley Gazette. "He had to be rushed to the vets and go under anesthetic, which is always risky and could go either way with ducks and other small animals"

Thankfully, the tough duck, who still managed to keep his bow-tie intact, came out of the brawl "okay," according to Hayman.

"Star is a tough cookie."

Hayman has taken cared of Star ever since he was a little chick, carrying him around inside his shirt pocket.

Star outgrew the pocket, though. Once the duckling became an adult, he developed a taste for beer and started following his owner to the pub.

"He just won't leave me and so we go everywhere together. I've not trained him to follow me. He just seems to like it and he is one fantastic duck. He loves to come to the pub, where everyone loves him. He is such a personality and attracts so much attention."

By Matthew Sterner.

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