Freddy Krueger Actor Launches a "Nightmare Blend" of Coffee

It will keep you up and safe from any kings of nightmares you might encounter

Remember when the actors in A Nightmare on Elm Street would stress out about staying awake — fearful that Freddy would murder them in their sleep?

Well, this coffee could've come in handy.

This Halloween season, Robert Englund and Dead Sled Coffee are rolling out Freddy's "Nightmare Blend" — a new coffee developed with input from the actor. Englund's blend is one of the latest coffee blends in a series of licensed, horror-themed blends.

Other blends include Vampira, Vincent Price, and Bela Lugosi.

Here's how the coffee is described as:

"Robert Englund's Nightmare Blend is a perfect blend of a high-quality single-origin Robusta Vietnamese coffee and a blend of Arabica beans from South America. All of which are ground down to a Turkish-style grind."
"Robusta coffee is the traditional bean of Vietnam and has nearly twice the caffeine of Arabica coffee beans. The finely ground blend of the Vietnamese Robusta and South American blend allow not only a bolder flavor, but a naturally stronger caffeine content so you can STAY AWAKE and stay safe from the King of Nightmares."

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Head over to if you want to pick up an order or perhaps one of the bundles that include a t-shirt or coffee mug.

By Matthew Sterner.

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