How to Empower Your Intuition

"Develop your intuition so that changes in the years to come may be convenient for you."

-Yogi Bhajan

We're all aware of the subtle voice in our heads, especially when it seems less than subtle. That voice is your own personal, built-in GPS with 24/7 on-demand access. And it is resonating from within, as nothing less than the highest version of yourself, speaking up with valuable insight for your ultimate guidance.

Rudolf Steiner said, "Intuition is for thinking what observation is for perception. Intuition and observation are the sources of our knowledge." Tap in. Be guided. Observe what happens.

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What is intuition anyway?

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. When you just know.

"Your subconscious mind (or intuition), is the source of your hidden genius and will always provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward in the right direction," as Jack Canfield wisely offers.

Intuition can show up as a hunch, a thought or audible words. Sometimes it can make itself known in a more physical way, such as with goosebumps, a feeling in your gut or a bitter taste suddenly in your mouth.

Humans are often so readily taught to fall in line and "do as you're told" that many learn to ignore the guidance of their intuition early on. In fact, many have forgotten how to communicate with it altogether.

But hope is far from lost!

How, you ask, can you tap back into the power of your intuitive guidance?

Well, your intuition must be exercised like a muscle.

A few exercises to strengthen your intuition include:

  • Inviting your intuition to show up. Think about a recent situation that you'd like more guidance on. Focus on that event and pay attention to the thoughts that begin to arise. Have paper and a pen(cil) out and write down everything that comes to your mind.

It's important to focus on facts here. Suspicion and self-created story lines are not intuition. Intuition doesn't tell you what someone is thinking, it tells you what you should be doing.

A neutral, informative, and trusting relationship with your intuition is what you want to develop. Discernment is key.

  • Stay mindful of how you talk to yourself. Your inner dialogue can either clear or cloud your connection with your intuition. Let your conversations with yourself be uplifting, supportive, and empowering. Yes, it's a practice. It is also choice.

  • Be clear in what you'd like the Universe to supply!

Ask yourself, " Am I sending out messages of what I want or worry? Worry and excitement about something work equally toward manifestation.

Slow down. Be intentional.

  • Dedicate time to let your intuition have center stage daily. Quiet, such as in meditation, is the most effective. A chance to clear your mind of surrounding distractions and tune into the subtle impulses of your intuition.

Even ten minutes a day will provide powerful results, making it easier for you to know when your intuition is communicating with you.

Invest in learning to trust your innate wisdom.

Your intuition knows what is going on, long before your mind has caught up.

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