New Borat Film Goes for Encultured America's Jugular

Sacha Baron Cohen's over-the-top film shines light onto some troubling, real topics

Spoiler alert: maybe don't read if you're one to get bummed by reading movie spoilers

Wawaweewa! Borat's back with Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (yes, that's the actual title). And this time his journey to America is pointed directly at putting on blast the messed up mentalities of systemic conditioning actively being lived out loud here in the "US&A."

From encouraged body augmentation of minors to the outward support of children being bought and caged and the out-calling of some lesser-known names that benefit from our country's submissive obsession with vaccines (I'm not referring to Bill Gates here).

And, of course, various degrees of mindless actions behind deceitful, patriarchal politicians that we all witness power-playing in the spotlight from their puppet strings; and so much more.

This one proves to be quite the unexpected doozy of its own form of whistleblowing flick.

Side note: there are no political "sides" being taken here. Calm down with the go-to divisiveness, kiddos.

In experiencing the movie and braving beyond the intentionally-offensive satire that Borat is rooted in, you could (and probably should) easily find yourself discouraged as you realize that this film isn't merely poking fun and dramatizing situations.

Baron Cohen did his research and very cleverly dug deep into the heart of some real life, still-current habits of enculturation that historically get so swiftly swept under the rug.

Ram Dass said, "...our identification of separateness is so deep and so heavy and so thick, and so enforced by the culture and what the culture thinks and what the nations think, and all of it. That, 'everybody says it's right, so it mush be right!' Except it's wrong."

This movie did a fantastic job at inviting to our awareness the price being paid for succumbing to what we're taught and told without holding it up to the light of morality.

Thanks for the due diligence, Sacha Baron Cohen. May it help many recognize their reflection in the represented forms of humanity-harming mentalities.

By Sam Jump

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