RBG: Resilient Hope, Embodied

Celebrating the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg grew up in a society relentlessly being told that "being a woman was an impediment.” That never kept her from being the epitome of courage in the face of adversity.

For decades, when she saw something repugnant - such as systemic discrimination - she went straight to work; repeatedly harnessing grit and resolution to strategically break away at America’s history of sexist, unethical laws and institutions.

"Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." -RBG

Justice Ginsberg was so much more than "just" the second woman appointed to the US Supreme Court. She was more than a feminist icon. She became a grandmother to women, girls, non-binary people - to everyone who has struggled with their self-worth and knowing how to use their voice as the powerful tool for change that it is.

She represented resilience and confidence in personal power and abilities for so many of us.

And in the light of her passing onto her next adventure, I'm here to invite us to remember the healing power of her hope. Her diligence and refusal to ever stand down, regardless of the neglectful or intimidating force of the opposition.

Had she met all of the obstacles she overcame throughout her years with overwhelming worry and fear of defeat, it would not be possible for us to be here today, collectively celebrating the accomplishments and upliftment strewn all throughout her legacy. We would not be able to honor her successes and the magnitude of empowerment that she reminded each of us of, that which undoubtedly resides within each of us.

Thank you for your guidance, Ruth. For daring to be the light in so many dark alleys and overwhelming times. Now it's our turn to not only keep your light burning bright but to use it as fuel to stoke our own fires. Burn, baby, burn.

By Sam Jump

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