The Monster's Nightmare 5D: Part Three

The final installment of the epic fantasy

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Land of Dyers, dragons, beasts from the other side

Wyverns kill Gryffens, take up home and reside

Grand dragons like Yggverns snack on them all

I’ve seen a Gryffen fight two Flyverns in a brawl

Standing there, a Yggvern then ate all three

Though Light Elves and humans had made many flee

They made mountains their homes, caves deep inside

Worlds sometimes collide despite the divide

Pray, it’s useful as fighting – men fall

Even Dyer’s no match: all men, they maul

Day does come soon where human company

Adds teams of Dyers, beasts to pedigree

Our allies the Elves had an annual contest

Challenging arts, sparring those worst to best

Pow’r decided by tournament, King, crowd

Being for sport, t’was no killing allowed

Tow’r of the King housed Arena of Glory

The competition was of fable or story

Extending invite to Adepts, us too, to test

Who was most worthy of challenging quest

Intending to impress, all nations were wowed

Best fighters determined strong from the proud

Expending coffers for costs to make history

Contest aside: it’s about to get gory

Four leagues, classified Novice to Elite

Four fighters from each class see who’ll be beat

For nights, we sparred to represent our class

Bout by bout, I’d defeat, repeat, surpass

O’er nights, the fights left leaders in surprise

I was among the Elite in disguise

Though stronger near Living Tree, Elves met defeat

Once at the contest, we swept each athlete

No competition; save from Adepts, alas

The art shook the tower; Silt used such mass

So much stone their art would utilize

After our first bout – contest moved – it was wise

Winners received orphaned Chimera young

Created in Light’s Dimension, where they sprung

Beginners to arts when we first fight as one

Forming new skill before each night’s done

Dinners over the course of the contest, much revelry

Each dawn saw the spawn of a new ceremony

Silt masters first carved out hillside among

Vast valley, our stadium: we sung

Built seats and podium – then battle begun

Ne’er larger stage for play, no comparison

Fill’t massive lake for Water specialty

Arena now ready for debauchery

Swinging with art, I let it just hit me

Really deflecting, I draw life from tree

Stinging attacks returned, this Elf flails

Complete dark aura surrounds like veils

Bringing Blood or Light – I absorb it with ease

I can withstand thousands of attacks like these

Spinning kick sweeps, several blows to the knee

I tried to hold back from all-out killing spree

Pinning his foot, then back of knee so it ails

Easily have competition ‘gainst rails

Winning in sight: holding hit, watch him seize

Almost gently drop this Light Elf to knees

Many of my fights were called off early

Moved up, matched with those footed more surely

Any art or Element, I’d withstand

Elevated skill was at my command

Maniacs attacked; soon only we remained

Solely advancing; ground just we gained

Three nights in, our crew endured, purely

First place was held definite, securely

Ev’ry other soldier was at reprimand

Count them withheld, in distant land

Me, I could no longer hold arts restrained

Last fights coming up – pain soon then rained

Being for sport, I held hits left and right

Cheering cohorts, I’d hear every night

Seeing haymaker, I duck and strike kidney

Hearing his bad luck: saying, “what’s with” me

Freeing arts, I release skill to part seas

Deafening roar fills valley, lighting trees

Matching Ramses’ Fire, we escalate fight

Ovations and gasps from spectacular sight

Scratching my leather cloak, blast with debris

Screeching Plasma shot stings: agony

Catching attacks, deflecting with ease

Screaming direct hit then makes him wheeze

Coldest Winds, he’d hurl with each hand

But I have ancient skill at my command

Boldest blasts break brawny branches and bows

Primordial power breezes past clothes

Oldest energy from the deepest well

Original Ancients couldn’t block this spell

I blaze forward; the strike, he can’t withstand

Ramses was shocked, the distance I spanned

My Fire then ripped through armor to expose

His scorched dragon leather; the metal glows

Why continue? Ramses, in ranking, fell

His seared shoulder; my art past parallel

Scales were required to mend sparring gear

Competition never seen like this here

Tales then began – I destroy scales, vaporize

“Challenger wrecked and repaired armor, likewise”

Wails of opponents left the Elves shaking

Contest to me, though history in making

Rake and I battled next round, near peer

My Silt being new, I held him in revere

Make no mistake, Rake made a mountain rise

Deflect and mix Silt, Wind, Fire: his demise

“Take a Plasma pill without bellyaching”

Silt shot knock out: evades Plasma – hit Quaking

Daughter of Water, Snow Girl brings her Wind

Down by lake, I keep Chione held, pinned

Thought her power would be a true test

Onslaught of Water and Ice: learnt I’m best

Brought her top art, full pond – pure energy

I match Water with Plasma, art still new to me

She turned steam into needles, then she grinned

Attacked from all sides, she thought I’d be skinned

We speed through fog, spirits, then manifest

Smacked and cracked armor – she’s alive, be blessed

Be certain: no one needed referee

Unmatched are my arts – soon all would agree

Ben, Serket, Akil, and I were last left standing

Each Leader’s power well past understanding

When Ben and I fought, testing technique still

He warned his unparalleled quells could kill

Then his Sap Petrified me – pow’r of our Sages

Governing deepest wells, teaching what rage is

Our own people’s Spirit Art demanding

Ancient ceremony and Magic commanding

Pow’r expressed by one’s heart, talent, and will

Passed down generations through Petra’s lands still

Hour of reckoning, a fight of the ages

Inherited art entangles – then he engages

Bleeding him with Blood spells, Aura blasts too

Free of Sap briefly, my barrage landing true

Needing no nuanced enchantment, Ben sends

And sets-loose command spells to wicked ends

Reading each attack, dodging, deflecting

Unleashing on Chakra points not protecting

Locked up mine arm; a late shot breaks through

Chopped off my staff’s end; not much I could do

Stocked up like steel, so strong nothing bends

Lopped off long lengths now – nothing this defends

Walked-up, winding the arm it’s affecting

Stopped off to use his blast for arm’s correcting

Arm still sore but set back in place, I churn

Dragon Fire: hands out, fingertips are jaws to burn

Charm or amulet would be ineffective

My Fire now surpassing idols, protective

Harm still awaits me, though I held my own

Boldest blazes, most cases, would burn to bone

What felt like hours; Ben then ensured I’d learn

Silt’s power to protect, deflect, or return

But both knowing Blood and Light, reflective

His Silt rendered my Fire defective

Soot singed his face, and it glowed in wind blown

Silt’s advantage, though – this match: set in stone

Details of his art, I must leave obscure

I’m entrusted to keep it from those not yet pure

The scales of my armor, though, cracked – rib too

Holding tight, my side; his Wind, staff wont outdo

The sails of speediest ships couldn’t compete

Protecting my left flank, I shore-up my feet

Petrification staved-off; no staff – can’t endure

His Sap at age two: two ranks past amateur

Petra’s formation to now, very few knew

Strength of his Silt or had pow’r to subdue

Pitch and oblation of Fire – I still met defeat

Though Silt Elite barely believed I’d be beat

Akil met Serket in the last semi-round fight

With my new family, guess I’ll rest for the night

The real Demigods who know Gods’ real names

So few of our kind; the world, truly, it shames

A million art-forms then materialize

These two, like me, naturally: unreal in size

Her power, I can’t describe; my throat is tight

His knowledge won’t get through to the erudite

Sure to cure all impure, were they to endure Flames

Serket’s wisdom outsmarted; correct her aims

Perfection of Magic through Primordial eyes

Wise use of Venom wins this Primeval prize

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