The Monster’s Nightmare: 5D, Part Two

Part Two of a three-part epic fantasy

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“Who among you cowards has brought me the one

Ruining the ruins and setting the sun?”

Throughout the land, King’s Army is recalled

Towing half wreckage, half treasure is hauled

To all, t’was a shock to hear of the loss

So o’er passed wreckage, now back across

“Hundred thousands of soldiers – get everyone

We need everyone back in this garrison”

Thund’ring, pounding steps almost crawled

A complete retreat – some were somewhat appalled

Wondering how the Elite failed the boss

All told to hunt demons to burn at the cross

Commotion from crafting the Dyer nursery

Caught ear of another ancient society

The motion of mounts moving could be seen

In plain sight, though ‘cross the sound, serene

The notion of such strength made Elders think

When warriors witnessed it, they went to drink

Weaklings worried about less liberty

Elders and Mystics consulted the Living Tree

Speaking of, it’s not just where they convene

Main art pow’r source – the Elves keep it pristine

“Seeking peace, let’s reach out, partner, and link

Elven may benefit… or be brought to the brink”

Back at training, I’m explaining intention

“Most start with one art: your calling dimension

Lacking Fire or Ice, it’s like no protection

Fire needs Wind for Aura connection

Attack tandem, Fire, Wind Mage: work as one

Combining your art’s how the battle is won

Same: Ice needs Water, then Wind for extension

You’ll learn both soon if not past comprehension

Claim your path sooner – achieve perfection

Don’t try to go in this, that direction

Flame Mages always feel the warmth of the sun

Ice Mages learn loving cold in comparison”

“One day, you’ll meet someone who pairs with your art

We’re talking battle, not a matter of heart

Done enough times, though; it’s true: look at me

I call 5D with Wind and Fire, easy

Running this training, here: I’m still learning too

I’ve asked to attend a Water review

So many fighters are past my counterpart

But even practicing, I rip sky apart

Bro, keep on training; no complaining, agree?

Keep going; you’ll see results, I guarantee

Know: when I was your age, I had no clue

Train, and you’ll do what you want to do”

“Let’s go somewhat deeper, little recap

Let’s put Silt and Wind down on the map

Vets know, e’en if you don’t, who you are

Silt feels the pull; Wind feels called from afar

It’s though Silt is the armor, for us Mages

Silt can shelter from Wind, lock foes in cages

Partner of Water: Silt, to cross physical gap…

Fire and Wind are ethereal arts – they sap

Art where Wind’s catalyst; Fire’s hungry as star

Fiery art, dimensions ripped and ajar

Start where you feel’s right; we teach in stages

Water, Wind, Flame, Silt, Blood – we know all pages”

“We wanted to greet you: welcome to the sound”

Elven emissaries emerged from somewhere around

Be advised: they’re our size; not as told in lore

Not sure if you’ve heard Elven tales before

Seem like sturdy guys, though peaceful and polite

The Elven emissaries arrived just after twilight

“T’was amazing art achieved; all it astounds

Moving that mountain like motes in small mounds

Was it art from before the age of the first war?

The art reminded us of ours – only more”

“Position it ancient plus technique and might”

“Arts we’d love to learn; perhaps we could unite?”

“Great, let’s go ask; our leaders are this way”

We meet up with Ben, Lev, Mav, and Kay

Straight up the steep cliff, around the new cave

Convened leaving training, now to our enclave

Gate open, they’re welcomed; talk training and trade

Met open-armed; somehow familiar, this brigade

While we wait, we debate what leaders say

The ancients assure safety now during day

Smiling, reminisce of the Elves who fought brave

Arcane knowledge and mastery of the stave

I’ll say, the few I’ve known always made

Oldest creatures with arts truly afraid

Chatter dying down; after, most depart

I respond to Kay and join as counterpart

Shattering sparring: ne’er fought nor should

Returning reps tonight, she did what she could

“Matter to you; I’ve always been Elf too?”

I reply, “No it’s just that I never knew”

“I’m starting to think the only difference is our art

You can’t really tell our species apart”

“Mine feasts on energy, starlight, and blood”

“You say; and mine feasts on nature: what’s good

Fine things like the Living Tree, always true”

“You tell me the time: learn from me, learn from you”

O’er branch’d mountain range, out to the North West

Beyond peaks the likes of legend or quest

More treacherous pass is hard to find

Circumventing the range, travelers don’t mind

Sure to follow the river, then around the lake

Past edge of waterfall: the castle, to overtake

“Days ‘til return?” The King sits in unrest

He’s hardly spoken to the Royal Guest

“Hays’ Army, a week; others farther behind”

“Your Majesty, guests are seated to be dined”

“Raise a glass, toast: all enjoy this fine steak”

“Apologies, friends, guests: this stomach ache”

“Wake up, get bathin’; it’s time for more trainin’

Tonight, the Elves join us – so no abstaining”

“Making His introduction, may I present

His Royal Highness, the Magnificent

Hakun Yggdrasil and Preeminent Guard

Chimera Trainers and Masters of Shard…”

With this long ceremony, I’ll do the explaining

The Elders spoke of arts they’ve been attaining

Mythic photosynthetic nourishment

Leaders outline its healing or punishment

Fifty men versus one, even treated as sparred

A learned nature master beats with disregard

Power, directly from Light energy stored

Elven Elders learn’t Light’s stronger than sword

Showers, Silt, animals, all nature, are one

Elders said their Living Tree is powered by the sun

Scour the land, won’t find purer pow’r source

Elven imparted t’was strongest life force

They then showed binding crystals brings reward

Weapons forged render a beggar a lord

Say Adepts, giants wielding electricity; and stun

With art-infused weapons, ev’ry battle’s won

“Pray thee ne’er battle an armed Adept, of course”

Trading for crystals and arts, Elves chose discourse

Now the cute Chimeras were highlight by far

A new type of species – don’t know what they are

How nimble and agile, obedient and bold

These cuddly Chimeras did everything told

Wowed the crowd, who “ooh’d” and “aah’d” and applaud’d

Fun little guys played with all in our squad

You wouldn’t believe how they fight, near bizarre

Two trainers paired off, each with Chimeras, to spar

Two seconds in, twenty art forms unfold

Trainers’ embedded staves, a sight to behold

Due to glyphs and gems, they look like my rod

These Chimera Trainers, explaining the odd

Where do they come from? What are they called?

Naturally, we spoke while the animals brawled

They’re from Light dimension, half-breed actually

Negotiated Sprites – truly paid-off, finally

“Their name’s unofficial – want to help name them?”

I said, “I’m not sure – that might be a problem”

The furry guys roared, clawed, attacked, and mauled

Afterward, laid on backs, played; and they sprawled

The blurry streaking stunned in the finale

Toward the encore, they were really unruly

The worry of outsiders, we now condemn

In the end, understood art of Chimera and gem

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