The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" Episode Delayed Until November

The annual Halloween-themed installment will arrive later than anticipated

I have been watching The Simpsons from the primitive beginnings on The Tracy Ullman Show. Since the show started, I watched many episodes with my Niece Amanda when she was a child, but not all them.

The Halloween specials — We watched them every year. It has been noted that the show's writers have uncannily predicted things in episodes that have come true.

One of the predictions that came to pass happened in Season 11, Episode 17. It was named "Bart to the Future" and predicted the Donald Trump presidency.

Well, the 2020 Pandemic caught everyone off guard. Episode 688 did not predict all of us wearing masks, so the animators went back to the drawing board to add them in.

Luckily, the show’s lengthy production process allowed them to correct the historical record at the last minute. When viewers watch the “Treehouse” segment, they’ll see that Springfield has a coronavirus-era mask policy that everyone abides by.

The hitch is Homer does not wear a mask.

“We said, ‘Put everyone in a mask in Springfield except Homer.’ [The masks] look different on everybody," said Al Jean, the Simpson's longtime showrunner. "It was great."

This year, you'll need to wait until after Halloween to see the “Treehouse of Horror XXXI"as it's been been postponed until Sunday, November 1.

I will be watching the 688th episode probably with a mask on, the day after Halloween.


By Royce Benton

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